Becker Bible Ministries, Inc.

Becker Bible Studies, our first website that provided free Bible Studies for the last ten years on the Internet has grown up!  Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. is our newly established non-profit ministry effort to provide educational services to all levels of Christian believers in every part of the world.  Part of our non-profit corporation will be this site, Becker Bible Teacher’s Resources, that will provide all sorts of free tools and teachings to supplant our students, as well as Bible teachers and preachers to support their ministry effort. Our flagship educational endeavor will unfold this coming year through the development of Becker Professional Theology Academy.  The Academy will be offering degrees, certifications, endorsements, and ordination to students to learn the new career field of Professional Theology that places Christian leaders in the marketplace to present the things of God to the unchurched, rejected, oppressed, persecuted, lonely and confused seekers who want to know more about Christ. Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians will serve as training grounds for lay women and children to serve ministry in their local communities with a support system similar to one Bible Teachers receive from their local churches, with free teachings and tools to assist them.

Expect many changes at the different sites as we form this new non-profit ministry to function perfectly together and eventually complete works of God that bring glory to Him.  Welcome to Becker Bible Teacher’s Resources!  Go to our classroom and pick up some tools today; there are many available even before we officially open our new works!

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