Course Creator Employment Opportunity for Becker Professional Theology Academy

Course Creator Employment Application

Seeking well-trained, theologically sound, conservative Course Creators that base spiritual works upon the inerrant Word of God as expressed by well-translated Scripture.  This first-step development for Becker Professional Theology Academy establishes the foundation upon which their Seminary will be formed.

Course Creators will produce cutting-edge material that will be published online, based upon standards set by Becker Bible Ministries, Inc., and directed by distributables prepared by Becker Professional Theology Academy.  Course Creators will receive a percentage of profit from the tuition paid by each student for each specific class.  This percentage will start with a standard 10% for each class, paid at the conclusion of each eight-week term based upon student enrollment and tuition.  Additional percentages will be available for those Course Creators able to implement and introduce the new field of Professional Theology within their classes with additional points added for reputation, multiple classes and longevity.  Other specific incentives will be offered from time to time that will increase this percentage for a specific time and purpose.  Course Creators will have the option of choosing lump-sum full payment rather than percentage-based royalties in some instances, dependent upon the needs of Becker Professional Theology Academy.

Course Creators will be required to complete ten-chapter books for each class that will be published by Becker Bible Ministries, Inc through their publishing arm or another publishing agency yet to be determined.  Course Creators will receive industry standards for royalty payments, and will maintain industry standard rights to their written material.  Further, successful Course Creators will receive first consideration for employment and appointment to key chairs and management positions by Becker Professional Theology Academy as it develops into a fully accredited Seminary.

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Course Creator Employment Application

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