Attention University Students (Warning!)


Becker Bible Studies authors and teachers often write topic specific reports that are useful for beginning research in the preparation for discussion boards, assignments, and papers. These reports are usually unique and focused so narrowly that they are often among just a few referenced materials from search engines related to a specific and narrow subject. Please know that your Professors are usually very familiar with our writings, and have often seen them represented as original work by many different students; don't be tempted to represent our writings as your own. Use proper citation and build upon our research and scholarly efforts by adding your own thoughts and work. Together, our tower of knowledge and learning opportunity can reach higher and higher; to stop with our effort alone steals an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move us all to a deeper understanding. And when you are moved higher than we have been, please share it with us so we can build even more. Welcome to Becker Bible Teacher Resources!

Last modified: Monday, 30 April 2018, 3:35 PM