Blog entry by Kathy McFarland

Anyone in the world

We are pleased to announce that Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. has been officially organized and established on 3/22/2015.This begins the second part of the process of incorporating it as a Non-Profit Ministry. As soon as that process is established, we will be transferring and developing many arms of Becker Bible Ministries to serve our different students.Our flagship enterprise is the development of Professional Theologists, with Pastor Ordination and Chaplain Endorsement trained by Becker Professional Theology Academy and Seminary. We are also committed to providing free Bible Studies and resources for the training of Bible Teachers to prepare them for a successful ministry of professional theology in the marketplace. Finally, our Guided Bible Studies for Hungry Christians will be revamped and restored to its proper place as foundational support for young Christians.

 This year is an exciting time for our organization, as the spiritual growth of its authors, teachers and leaders spurs our ministries to grow to the place chosen by God to establish. We look forward to serving our enrolled student Seminarians, our Bible students, and young Christians. Stay alert for new details as this marvelous opportunity to serve as Professional Theologists in God's Kingdom develops!

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