Topic Name Description
Protestant Reformation Page The Importance of Luther's Anfechtung Testing - Reformation to Present Day

By Kathy L. McFarland

December 4, 2011

Page The Perfect Storm of Spiritual and Political Turmoil Beginning the Protestant Reformation in the 16th Century

(First Draft)

By Kathy L. McFarland

January 7, 2012

Page 2018 June 1 - Calvin's Part in Introducing the Doctrine of Infallibility
Intertestamental Period Page Messiah Titles in 1st Century Judaism

An examination of prophetic titles known to Old Testament Jews that gives us knowledge about what their expectations were concerning the coming Messiah.

By Kathy L. McFarland

1 February 2012

Page Life in Intertestamental Israel and Rome contrasted

By Kathy L. McFarland

February 8, 2012