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Council of the Lateran (Fifth)

The Fifth Council of the Lateran (1512-1517) (Ecumenical Council) attempted to reform the Church.  Declared the immortality of the soul as dogma.

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Council of the Lateran (First)

The First Council of the Lateran (1123) (Ecumenical Council) confirmed the concordat of Worms.

Entry link: Council of the Lateran (First)

Council of the Lateran (Second)

The Second Council of the Lateran (1139) (Ecumenical Council) regulated clerical dress, prohibited clerical marriages and declared them to be invalid, punished attacks on clerics by excommunication.

Entry link: Council of the Lateran (Second)

Council of the Lateran (Third)

The Third Council of the Lateran (1179) (Ecumenical Council) limited papal candidates to cardinals alone, condemned simony, forbade the promotion of anyone to the episcopate before the age of thirty.

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The making of all things by the LORD God, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirits. (See Theistic Evolution)
Entry link: Creation


A social or religious group with unique beliefs, a deviation of social standards, fighting against conformance, and under the control of individual(s) who use their power to dictate belief and activities of others. A religious cult sect has a false or inadequate basis for salvation, and a false expression of authority.
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Original meaning to "cultivate the ground," has expanded to include the worldview of a particular group's behavior that is learned and transmitted by symbols consisting of rites, artifacts, language, etc. Culture formation includes the creation, cultivation, and consumption of spiritual or secular works by human beings in an intimate ordering, forming, interpreting, and reshaping of the world they live in together as they share the artifacts of their association.

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Culture Circles

3 - Trusted small group of people that you trust and can share  values, needs, talents, goals, and dreams.

12 - Larger small group that have skills, talents, and possessions that will readily help the small group's goals

120 - Waiting to join and be compelled to give time, energy, and resources

Culture Circles exist in all areas of life.  Small or big changes depend upon the 3, 12, 120 rule, whether recognized as such or not. Though the numbers do not need to be exact, the frequency of these predictable numbers guarantee potential change in some realm of the culture of 3's circle of life.

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Earliest known writing that is engraved on interconnected clay wedges
Entry link: Cuneiform

Curea Romana

The body of congregations and offices of the Roman Catholic Church that assist the Pope in governmental administrative duties
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