Advertising Opportunities

By Kathy L. McFarland


Because we offer all of my teachings freely on the Internet, we are forced to charge for advertising just to keep things going.  But, I think we have a reasonable charge for advertisement on my Becker Bible Teachers Studies located at .

$150.00 a month for top banner link on front page

$25.00 a month for top banner link on inside page.

$135.00 a month for bottom banner link on front page.

$15.00 a month for bottom banner link on inside page

$7.50 page a month or $75.00 a year for Amazon Book Store listing.

Free published book review by Kathy L. McFarland and link to listed Amazon page for free sample book that is appropriate material for Bible Teachers.

Send book review request and material to:

Kathy L. McFarland
Becker Bible Studies
PO Box 88
Peck, ID 83545

Note:  Any book sent to me for review WILL NOT be returned to sender, regardless if it is selected for review or not.  While it benefits both Becker Bible Teacher Studies and Publishers to spread the word concerning new writings of interest, the topic matter must be acceptable for our audience.  Thus, it might be best to drop me an email at and ask first whether it is something I am interested in reading before sending the sample material.

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