Original Sin Bible Study Introduction

By Kathy L. McFarland


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The Christian doctrines of forgiveness, sanctification, justification, salvation, and righteousness are based upon the idea that original sin was imputed to all mankind as a result of the disobedience to God by Adam and Eve. Then, this idea of man’s inability to remove this original sin that he is born into evolved into church rites, traditions, sacraments, and doctrinal practices to resolve this issue and help sinners to be free of original sin.

But, what is original sin? Nowhere in Scripture is it labeled as such. Yet, entire church doctrines base their creeds and sacraments on this unstated idea, and once that concept is questioned, falling dominoes of mistaken doctrine leave a trail of shaken faith.  But, to avoid confronting this issue prevents mature Christians from coming closer to their God.  At some point, it is important that the Truth of God takes priority over any doctrine created by man.  Thus, it is my intentions in this study to examine the doctrine of Original Sin from as many directions as I am able to determine what I believe fully so that I can teach my students the Truth of God confidently.   And since this is a major study, I have decided to include it as a Bible study for mature Christians to travel with me in the search for the Truth of God concerning the doctrine of Original Sin.   At this point in my study, I have no idea where my unfinished faith will grow; but, I do know it is a trip moved by God for purposes that He knows.  Travel with me as this newest journey for His Truth begins.

This Bible study is available for view and study by every mature Christian desiring to learn about the full nature of original sin as revealed in Scripture. 

Kathy L. McFarland


Lesson 1 (Computer) - The Nature of Free Will Examined Through Scripture

Lesson 2 (Computer): Pelagian Controversy and Augustinian Victory - The First Free Will vs. Original Sin Debate

Lesson 3 (Computer): The Free Will Defense by Pelagius (Charges 1-6 of 12) (Part 1)

Lesson 4 (Computer): The Free Will Defense by Pelagius (Charges 7-12 of 12) (Part 2)

Lesson 5 (Computer): Augustine's Charge #1 Defense Against Pelagius

Lesson 6 (Computer): Augustine's Charge #2 Defense Against Pelagius


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