Song of Solomon

Solomon authored this song, and many interpretations later, the six most popular are...(1) Allegorical - Denies literal meaning, with Solomon representing the Lord, and the maden representing Israel (early Jewish literature) (2) Typological - A type of Christ and the church based on the literal courtship and marriage (early church) (3) Anthology of love songs - Nothing more than a collection of love songs, not necessarily related to each other (4) Three-character interpretation - An example of the "eternal triangle" with Solomon as the villain who tries to unsuccessfully woo the maiden away from her local shepherd-boyfriend (some fine scholars) (5) Literal love story - A poetic description of an actual love relationship between Solomon and the Shulamite maiden.

The book is a love song sung by the two lovers: the shepherd-king and the Shulamite maiden. Solomon appears first as a young shepherd who falls in love with the outcast Shulamite girl. Her promises to come again one day to marry her, and in his absence, she dreams about their reunion. When he returns, to her surprise he appears as King Solomon himself. Accompanied by his entire entourage, he takes her back to Jerusalem in his royal coach to become his bride. (6) The story serves as a beautiful picture of Christ's love for His outcast Gentile Bride, the church, for whom He promises one day to return.