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Social Darwinism

The concept of "Survival of the Fittest" first coined by sociologist Herbert Spencer.
Entry link: Social Darwinism


A group of people who share a culture and a territory.
Entry link: Society

Spencer, Herbert

(27 April 1820 – 8 December 1903) A prominent, liberal, sociological theorist and English philosopher in the Victorian era who believed that societies evolve from lower ("barbarian") to higher ("civilized") forms. He felt that if you helped the lower classes you interfere with this natural process. He also believed that the fittest members will produce a more advanced society - unless misguided do-gooders get in the way and help the less fit survive. He coined the term "Social Darwinism" which is the "survival of the fittest".1


1Henslin, J. (2010). Sociology: A down-to-earth approach (10th ed.) Boston, Massachusetts: Allyn & Bacon. ISBN-13: 978-0-205-68862-3.

Entry link: Spencer, Herbert

Symbolic Interactionism

Views symbols or things to which we attach meaning, as the basis of social life.
Entry link: Symbolic Interactionism


Shaved patch of the head. Catholic monks shaved the crowns of their head to represent the crown of thorns worn by Christ on the cross. Irish monks retained a pagan haircut, by shaving the fronts of their heads in medieval times.
Entry link: Tonsure


A Jewish council that maintains control and gives advice over certain community affairs.
Entry link: Va'ad

Weber, Max

(21 April 1864–14 June 1920) Weber was a German lawyer, politician, and one of the most influential of all sociologists, raising issues that remain controversial even today. Weber disagreed with Karl Marx (class conflict is key to social change), by defining religion as a central force in social change. Weber developed the theory of the Protestant work ethic.
Entry link: Weber, Max


An orthodox Jewish school for the religious and secular education of elementary and higher instructions in learning.
Entry link: Yeshiva


A combined vocabulary of Hebrew and Slavic (German dialects), written in Hebrew letters and spoken mainly by Jews in countries E. of Germany and by Jewish emigrants from that region.
Entry link: Yiddish


A Jewish social-religious sect whose members demanded that the Jews deny the authority of the Roman emperor and to avoid paying taxes to Rome. They were devoted patriots who engaged in active resistance to Rome. They were a conquered people who yearned for a Messiah who would liberate them from Roman rule and establish the LORD God's reign.
Entry link: Zealots

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