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Words matter! Know the meanings of the words you speak, write, preach and teach to perfectly accomplish the things the LORD God wills.

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A liturgical prayer sung responsively by the Jewish cantor and congregation at the close of the evening service on the Sabbath.
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To consecrate and dedicate to the service of LORD God through His divine election.

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Ark of the Covenant

A gold-plated, ornate wooden chest that housed the two tablets of the Law given to Moses by the LORD God. It was placed in the Tabernacle, in the Holiest of Holies, as the wandering Israelites set up camp. The Ark received the presence of the LORD God between the two Cherubims that sat atop it. It is believed to have been captured when Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians in 586 BC, and its fate is unknown today; however, many claim it is hidden in the relic chapel of the church of Saint Mary of Zion, at Axum Ethiopia (See Ethiopian Jews). (Exodus 24)
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Conceptual Truth

Reveals who God is and what God does (See Inscriptured Revelation)

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Pertaining to the LORD God that which is religious, sacred and befitting Him.
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Divine Healing

A healing as a result of a sacred supernatural and miraculous intervention of the LORD God, in response to prayer, faith, hope or His Will.
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Divine Names, The

The longest work in the corpus within the Dionysian works which presents the names of God to bring union with Him.
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Father God

The LORD God as Father reigns with providential care over His universe, His creatures, and the flow of the stream of human history according to the purposes of His grace. He is all powerful, all knowing, all loving, and all wise. God is Father in truth to those who become children of God through the Spirit of Adoption by their faith in Jesus Christ.
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God, Attributes of

The LORD God's attributes are the essential qualities that belong to Him.  His being or substance unites the multiple attributes in one entity.

Metaphysical: God self-exists, and is eternal and unchanging.

Intellectual: God is faithful, omniscient, and wise.

Ethical: God is just, merciful, and loving

Emotional: God hates evil, is compassionate and long-suffering

Existential: God is free, omnipotent, and authentic.

God is immanent in unversal providential and redemptive activity with His transcendent being.


Different Theological Classifications:

Strong - Absolute and Immanent

Berkhof - Incommunicable or communicable

Gill - Metaphysical or moral

Wiley - Absolute, relative, and moral

Chafer - Personal and constitutional

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Incapable of suffering; God is impassible, thus patripassianism is rejected according to the old catholic fathers.  There is a distinction between the Father and the Son, solving the problem of salvation by suffering that allowed Christ's suffering while reflecting the LORD God's incapability of suffering.1

1Ferguson, Everett. Church History Volume One: From Christ to Pre-Reformation. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2005, 142.

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