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Words matter! Know the meanings of the words you speak, write, preach and teach to perfectly accomplish the things the LORD God wills.

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The holy name of the LORD God which is also rendered JEHOVAH. His name should be held in utmost reverence and not called upon in a casual way.
Entry link: YAHWEH



Energy, power of intellect, affection and will emanating from the LORD God
Entry link: Life


A supernatural interruption of nature.
Entry link: Miracle

Natural Life

The carnal life of nature that all human beings live
Entry link: Natural Life

Person (Personality)

The identifier of life that is composed of intellect, emotion, will, self-awareness and self-determination.
Entry link: Person (Personality)

Sensus Plenior

The Latin word for a deeper allegorical, typological, symbolic, or mystical meaning intended to be relayed by God through His Word that was unknown to the original human author's literal meaning.

Entry link: Sensus Plenior


A religious symbolic act bestowing honor to that which brings worship to God.
Entry link: Veneration


A Christian monogram made from the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ.
Entry link: XP

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