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Words matter! Know the meanings of the words you speak, write, preach and teach to perfectly accomplish the things the LORD God wills.

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The belief those less technologically dependent cultures are inherently better than more technologically dependent ones
Entry link: Primitivism



First Old Testament patriarch who wandered from the Sumerian city of Ur (modern Iraq) to the land of the River Jordan. The LORD God made a covenant with him, promising that his descendants would become a great people and live in His land. The religion of Judaism was established. Abraham is the father of Isaac and Ishmael. He is the father of both the Hebrew and Arabic people and considered holy in Islam.
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Supreme blessedness, promised to specific believers by Jesus Christ in his sermon on the mount.
Entry link: Beatitude

Bible Study

The Lord Jesus Christ taught His Word to His Disciples with four levels of learning. Jewish scholars also teach the Torah on these four classical levels. Christians studying and teaching the Word of God should strive for the same degree of detailed instruction as He moves them to learn.


Peshat—understanding the simple meaning of the text at face value. It is the cornerstone of interpretation; all other approaches must not contradict the peshat analysis, or it is flawed. (Literal)

Remez—an allusion, or an allegorical and philosophical level of study (Figurative)

Drash—the regal level, the Bible is understood using riddles and parables. (Parable)

Sod—the hidden meaning or the mystical level (Typology)

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Biblical Languages

The original texts of the Bible were written in Hebrew (Old Testament), Greek (New Testament) with Aramaic influences (Semitic trade language spoken by ancient Middle Eastern cultures).
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The privilege or right to which a person is entitled by birth. In the ancient patriarchal household, the eldest son took precedence over his brother (Gen 43:33); after his father died, he received a double share of the inheritance (Deu 21:17) and became head and priest (cf. Exo 22:29; Num 8:14-17).
Entry link: Birthright

Codex Sinaiticus

The oldest complete copy of the New Testament in existence, on display at the British Library in London.
Entry link: Codex Sinaiticus

Codex Vaticanus

Slightly older that the Codex Sinaiticus, but incomplete; it contains most of the Old Testament, but is missing some of the New. It is held by the Vatican in Rome.
Entry link: Codex Vaticanus


A compilation of the four Gospels into a single narrative by a second-century theologian named Tatian. Used in the Syriac-speaking early Christian churches.
Entry link: Diatessron


The principles of a belief system that are taught; the study of the things of the LORD God should arise from the Bible alone.
Entry link: Doctrine

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