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Book of Kells

A copy of the Gospels in a manuscript of intricate design and beautifully illuminated, produced around AD 800 by a monastery on the island of Iona (Scotland). An outstanding work of art in the early Middle Ages, which according to tradition was written by Saint Columba, was still being used to bless Irish armies in the 1690s.
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Born Again

Being Born Again, or Regeneration, is a work of God's grace whereby believers become new creatures in Christ Jesus at the moment a faithful believer is resurrected out of the Baptismal waters. The Baptism of Jesus Christ brings death to sin, and becomes the grave to which faithful believers in Jesus Christ's own Resurrection, are Born Again as they come up out of the waters. This regenerative process brings a change of heart and a new life able to receive and be guided by the Holy Spirit.
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Capitalists who have the means to produce wealth. Karl Marx believed that conflict between the Bourgeoisie (capitalists) and Proletariat (workers) was the key to social change.
Entry link: Bourgeoisie


An false idol causing needless fear, dread and horror to come upon a person
Entry link: Bug-bear


A formal papal document with a bulla attached.
Entry link: Bull


A seal attached to an official papal document
Entry link: Bulla

Byzantine Empire

A Christian civilization founded by Constantine the Great in AD 330 with the new city of Constantinople (New Rome). Upon the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453, the Byzantine Empire came to an end. The Christian bastion with Emperors presiding over civil and religious life, and the near-perfect union of the church and state, endured for 1,123 years and 18 days.
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The connection of a political system joined with a spiritual system, making the head of state both king and pope as the head of the church and supreme judge in religious matters. It is often associated with the Byzantine Empire, where emperors presided over church councils and appointed patriarchs.
Entry link: Caesaropapism


A heap of stones set up as a landmark, monument or memorial.
Entry link: Cairn


Biblical land of Israel located in Southwest Asia, bordering the East coast of the Mediterranean, and extending East to the Jordan River. (See Palestine)
Entry link: Canaan

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