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To set apart and consecrate to the LORD God for a holy work.
Entry link: Dedicate


The religious ceremony announcing the intent of the parents to raise a child in accordance with their beliefs, and involving the church community in playing a part in the child's spiritual upbringing. It is often mistaken for infant baptism because water is sprinkled upon the infant in the ceremony.
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A type of argument that offers a premise(s) which seems to provide complete support for the conclusion. A deductive argument is known as a valid argument when all its premises are true, which makes the conclusion true.(See Inductive)
Entry link: Deductive

Deductive Fallacy

A deductive argument that is invalid (true premises but false conclusion). (See Inductive Fallacy)
Entry link: Deductive Fallacy

Denarius (Denarii)

A Roman coin paid a day's wages of a slave in New Testament Bible Times.
Entry link: Denarius (Denarii)


The yearning to have what is loved1 (See Joy, Fear, Sadness)




Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, The City of God, trans., Marcus Dods, Modern Library Paperback ed. (New York: Random House, Inc., 2000), 449.


Entry link: Desire


The fallen angel Lucifer (Satan) who is at enmity with the LORD God, and has the power to afflict man with spiritual corruption which brings death, and separates men from God through false witness and spiritual misleading.

Entry link: Devil

Devil's Advocate

An official appointed to present critical arguments against proposed beatification or canonization.
Entry link: Devil's Advocate

Devils Mark

A blemish, scar or mark on the body of a person who has made a compact with a devil.
Entry link: Devils Mark


A compilation of the four Gospels into a single narrative by a second-century theologian named Tatian. Used in the Syriac-speaking early Christian churches.
Entry link: Diatessron

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