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The Jewish prayer that is recited with feet together, rising repeatedly to the tips of their toes in leaping fashion to demonstrate their desire to get closer to Hashem.

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King James Authorized Bible

Published in 1611 after the English Bishops' Bible was revised under the orders of King James I. This Bible is widely used and defended as the truest translation of the Word of God into the English language by Fundamental and Conservative Protestant faithful.
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King Omri (885-874 B.C.)

1 Kings 16:21-28 makes passing reference to the wicked King Omri which built up Samaria and made it the capital of the Northern Kingdom. He was one of the most important historically confirmed rulers of his period, yet the Word of God makes only passing reference. Archaeology provides a great deal of background info about him which includes extra-biblical accounts of his exploits as recorded by his enemies.
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