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A Jewish council that maintains control and gives advice over certain community affairs.
Entry link: Va'ad

Vade Mecum

A book that a person carries for frequent and regular reference.
Entry link: Vade Mecum


A well-founded, just, sound, effective, binding and sustainable result.
Entry link: Valid

Valley of the Kings

A valley on the west bank of the Nile near the site of Thebes which was the necropolis of many of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt (c1350-c1200 B.C.). (Also called the Valley of the Tombs)
Entry link: Valley of the Kings


The characteristics of a prophet.

Entry link: Vatic


The authority and government of the Roman Catholic Pope. Also the name given to the Pope's chief residence, which includes a library, archives, art museum, apartments and administrative offices.
Entry link: Vatican

Vatican City

An independent state of 109 acres within the city of Rome, ruled by the Pope. Sitting on the right bank of the Tiber, it was established in 1929 and includes St. Peter's Church and the Vatican.

Entry link: Vatican City

Vatican Council

The ecumenical council convoked in Rome by Pope Pius IX that declared the dogma of papal infallibility (1869-70).
Entry link: Vatican Council


A derogatory term used to describe the doctrine of the absolute supremacy of the Pope.
Entry link: Vaticanism


The Greek uncial code that contains most of the text of the Bible. The 4th century A.D. manuscript is housed at the Vatican Museum.

Entry link: Vaticanus

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