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A Jewish tradition and ceremony of lighting memorial lamps or candles while reciting the Kaddish to commemorate the anniversary of the death of a close relative.
Entry link: Yahrzeit


The holy name of the LORD God which is also rendered JEHOVAH. His name should be held in utmost reverence and not called upon in a casual way.
Entry link: YAHWEH


A specific religious system based on the worship of YAHWEH.
Entry link: Yahwism


The writer of the earliest major source of the Hexateuch, in which the LORD God is characteristically referred to as YAHWEH rather than Elohim.
Entry link: Yahwist


A Jewish skullcap worn during prayer and religious study by conservative and orthodox males.
Entry link: Yarmulke

Year of Confusion

The year of 445 days in ancient Rome in 46 B.C. of the Julian calendar which was lengthened to compensate for cumulative errors of the Roman calendar.
Entry link: Year of Confusion

Year's Mind

A Requiem Mass said one year after a person's death or burial.
Entry link: Year's Mind


An orthodox Jewish school for the religious and secular education of elementary and higher instructions in learning.
Entry link: Yeshiva


A combined vocabulary of Hebrew and Slavic (German dialects), written in Hebrew letters and spoken mainly by Jews in countries E. of Germany and by Jewish emigrants from that region.
Entry link: Yiddish


A liturgical prayer sung responsively by the Jewish cantor and congregation at the close of the evening service on the Sabbath.
Entry link: Yigdal