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Kathy L. McFarland

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Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 8:12 AM

The purposeful termination of a pregnancy. At the moment of conception of life, the removal of the embryo or fetus is direct, intentional murder.  Additionally, medical tests which are used solely to determine whether a fetus should be aborted are reprehensible.(Sixth Commandment Violation, Exodus 20:13)

Entry link: Abortion

Kathy L McFarland

Abusing the Lord's Name

by Kathy McFarland - Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 7:55 AM

The introduction of the Lord's name into His own speech except to bless, praise, or glorify (Third Commandment Violation, Exodus 20:7)

Entry link: Abusing the Lord's Name

Kathy L McFarland

Accumilation of Arms

by Kathy McFarland - Thursday, 7 November 2013, 12:16 PM

The accumulation of arms does not eliminate the cause of war, and tends to aggravate toward conflict. Christian leadership should not be gathering weapons to prepare for trouble; rather, they should be following the teachings of Christ and leading His people through difficult times with God, rather than weapons, as their focus.(Sixth Commandment Violation, Exodus 20:13)

Entry link: Accumilation of Arms

Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Monday, 4 November 2013, 9:02 AM

Sin Against Charity - Refusing the joy or repelling the Divine goodness that flows from God (First Commandment Violation, Exodus 20:2,3)

Entry link: Acedia

Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Saturday, 26 October 2013, 5:45 AM
Entry link: Adoration

Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Saturday, 9 November 2013, 11:56 AM

Every word or attitude is forbidden which by flattery, adulation, or complaisance encourages sin in another through condescending or duplicitous speech. (Ninth Commandment Violation, Exodus 20:16)

Entry link: Adulation

Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Friday, 8 November 2013, 12:36 PM

Marital infidelity is the sin of adultery; it is when two partners, of whom at least one is married to another party, have sexual relations.  The bond of marriage is in danger by even transient affairs and those imagined and fantasized. Intimate sharing should be reserved for married couples only; thus, full sexual relations are not necessary for the sin of adultery to occur.  When lustful attachments are formed outside the marriage that replaces the spouse for another partner then the sacrament of marriage blessed by the LORD God is marred by sin.  (Seventh Commandment Violation, Exodus 20:14)

Entry link: Adultery

Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Thursday, 31 October 2013, 2:38 PM
Entry link: Agate

Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Saturday, 9 November 2013, 1:04 PM

Makes no judgment of God's existence and declares it impossible to know, affirm, or deny  (Second Commandment Violation, Exodus 20:4-6)

Entry link: Agnosticism

Kathy L McFarland


by Kathy McFarland - Thursday, 31 October 2013, 2:25 PM


Entry link: Alabaster

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